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ComMarker Acrylic Laser Engraver Enclosure Assembly Tutorial

Your journey through the assembly of the ComMarker Acrylic Laser Engraver Enclosure is about to begin. This tutorial will guide you, step by step, in unpacking the packing case, understanding the purpose of each component, and correctly assembling your Engraver Enclosure using the provided accessories, which include European Standard 2020 aluminium profiles, right angle parts, and essential screws and nuts.

Following this guide, you will discover the importance of the long black rod, known as a European Standard 2020 aluminum profile, and its role in the assembly process. Procedures such as aligning holes of right angle pieces with the aluminum profiles and securing them with screws, assembling from the ground up starting with the bottom panel frame, and finally, attaching the acrylic panels and front door are explained, enabling you to successfully construct a fully functioning Laser Engraver Enclosure.

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Unpacking the ComMarker Laser Engraver Enclosure

Congratulations on acquiring your ComMarker Laser Engraver Enclosure. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the process of setting it up. The task might seem daunting at first, but rest assured that your effort will yield a valuable and rewarding work tool.

Getting Started

On receiving your ComMarker Laser Engraver Enclosure, carefully unpack it to avoid damaging the enclosure parts. Take your time to open the box and handle the parts with care. Lay out the parts carefully on a clean and clear surface.

Identifying components

Once unpacked, start to identify each component. The items should include the acrylic boards, right-angle pieces, screws, aluminum profiles, and the sliding door. If you cannot immediately tell the purpose each part serves, do not fret. Part of this guide’s role is to help you understand the function of each.

Understand usage of each component

Each component of the ComMarker Laser Engraver Enclosure serves a specific and critical role. The acrylic boards form the body of the enclosure, whereas the right-angle pieces and aluminum profiles create the frame. The screws are essential for assembly while the sliding door provides access to the interior.

Preparing for Assembly

Correctly setting up your assembly station will make the process much smoother. Efficacy is crucial and by ensuring all parts are ready; you will be one step closer to assembles your laser engraver enclosure.

Removing film from acrylic board

Before starting the assembly process, remove the film from the acrylic boards. The film prevents scratches during transportation, but now it’s no longer necessary. Simply peel off the layer with your hand to clear the surface.

Laying out necessary tools

Ensuring that all necessary tools are accessible saves much time during assembly. A Phillips head screwdriver and a hexagonal wrench should be readily available.

Organizing the components for assembly

Placing your components wisely will improve your assembly experience. Organise screws, right-angle pieces, columns and panel components in a way that allows for easy access when required during the assembly.

Assembling the Bottom Panel Frame

As the enclosure base, configuring the bottom panel is significant. It forms the foundation of your ComMarker Laser Engraver Enclosure.

Creating the bottom panel rectangle

Start by creating your bottom panel rectangle. Using the right-angle pieces and the aluminum profiles, position them to form a rectangle. This will form the base of your laser engraver enclosure.

Aligning holes in right angle pieces with aluminum profiles

Proper alignment ensures a solid base. Make sure the holes in the right-angle pieces align with those in the aluminum profiles. Note the position of large holes; they should face the outer side for easy screwing later.

Securing right-angle pieces with screws

Use your Phillips head screwdriver to secure the right-angle pieces to the aluminum profiles using the screws provided.

Positioning Large Holes for Easy Screwing

To enable easy screwing, ensure all screws are correctly inserted and secured in the large holes.

ComMarker Acrylic Laser Engraver Enclosure Assembly Tutorial

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Applying Screws to the Bottom Panel

Following completion of the bottom panel, you must install and secure the screws.

Positioning the screws

Screws must be appropriately placed in the holes allocated on the bottom panel. Position them carefully and ensure they are correctly aligned for effective functionality.

Using a hexagonal wrench to secure screws

Use the hexagonal wrench to firmly secure the screws in place. It is crucial that all screws are tightly in position to guarantee stability.

Ensuring stability of bottom panel

Check the stability of your bottom panel. It should not wobble or have any structural inconsistencies. If any, check all joints to ensure all screws fastened tight.

Assembling the Frame Screws

All screws should be fitted onto the frame to ensure steadiness and durability.

Securing the right-angle pieces

Using the right-angle screws, secure them tightly onto the frame, ensuring firmness.

Fixing the supporting surface

Afterwards, fix the support surface, making sure it’s solidly held and doesn’t shake.

Inserting screws from the bottom

Lastly, turn the assembly upside down and insert the remaining screws from the bottom for added security.

Assembling the Supporting Columns

The supporting columns, otherwise known as the side panels, are critical components of the enclosure.

Identifying the corners for column assembly

Start by identifying the right corners for column assembly. Align the corners with the holes on the side panels before inserting screws.

Inserting side panels

Next, insert the side panels onto the screws and carefully screw and tighten them for stability.

Ensuring proper fit and alignment

Check each side panel to ensure they are correctly fitted and aligned. They should sit securely on the base without any wobble.

Inserting Side and Rear Panels

The side and rear panels are essential elements that allow you to observe and access your laser engraving process.

Inserting rear panel

Start by inserting your rear panel, ensuring that it is correctly aligned and fitting into the assigned slots properly.

Splicing the top aluminum profile

Upon successful assembly of the rear panel, splice the top aluminum profile so that it aligns correctly with the rest of the frame.

Creating right angle edges

Go round all the corners making sure that they form perfect right-angled edges.

Ensuring stability of side and rear panels

Finally, check the stability of the side and rear panels. They should be securely in place without any wobbling.

Assembling the Sliding Front Door

The sliding front door is what give you access to your Laser Engraver Enclosure.

Aligning the hinge with the door hole

Start by aligning the hinges with the holes on the door.

Securing hinge with screws

Next step is securing the hinges using the provided screws and your screwdriver.

Installing the door handle

Install the door handle. Make sure it is securely attached and functional.

Attaching the sliding door to the enclosure

Finally, slide the door into the slider and verify that it slides open and closed smoothly.

Installing the Top Panel

The final step is now installing the top panel of your enclosure.

Positioning the top panel

Place the top panel gently aligning it with the gaps on top of the supporting columns and the spliced top aluminum profile.

Installing the last aluminum profile

Install the last piece of aluminum profile. It should fit correctly with no obstructions.

Securing the top panel

Secure the top panel using the screws and your screwdriver. Make sure it fits into place perfectly.

Checking the enclosure shape and alignment

Make sure that all role are rectangular and that there is no alignment. Confirm that all edges form a right angle.


Review of completed assembly

At this point, you will have successfully completed the assembling of your ComMarker Laser Engraver Enclosure. Make sure that all panels are firmly held in place and do not wobble. Open and close the door to makes sure there are no obstructions.

Operation tips for ComMarker Acrylic Laser Engraver Enclosure

Now that your enclosure is ready to go, here are some tips for proper operation: Always ensure the door is closed before you start operating the engraver and never leave the machine unattended when it’s running. Make sure the enclosure is stable before you start engraving.

Cleaning and maintenance

Keep your ComMarker Acrylic Laser Engraver Enclosure in good shape by cleaning it regularly. Use a damp cloth to wipe any dirt or smudges to keep it looking good and functioning at its best.

Contact for support or troubleshooting

If at any point you encounter difficulties, do not hesitate to reach out to ComMarker customer care. The team is happy to assist you with any queries or concerns regarding your enclosure.

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