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How to Adjust the Focus for ComMarker B4 Fiber Laser Engraver

In this comprehensive guide, you will learn how to accurately adjust the focus for the ComMarker B4 Fiber Laser Engraver. This process may initially appear complex but can be simplified through guided steps, like referring to your manual for the correct focus length and using your ruler and metal cards to measure and adjust this length. The crucial significance of this adjustment, as you will discover, lies in its power to profoundly influence the precision and quality of the engraving outcomes.

Following this, the focus turns to the use of easycad 2 software; a vital component for the adjustment process. There, through precise clicks and specific adjustments, such as controlling the height of the laser until its strength peaks, you can control the outcome of your engraving. However, be aware that different materials might require different focus lengths – a point to note as you proceed with material change. This guide is designed to equip you with the knowledge and confidence to make these adjustments and achieve optimal results with your ComMarker B4 Fiber Laser Engraver.

How to Adjust the Focus for ComMarker B4 Fiber Laser Engraver

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Understanding the ComMarker B4 Fiber Laser Engraver

The ComMarker B4 Fiber Laser Engraver is a precision piece of technology used to create high-quality and detailed engravings on a variety of materials from metals to some plastics. With a long lifeline and high processing speed, it offers exceptional versatility and efficiency unmatched by many other engravers.

Brief Overview of the ComMarker B4 Fiber Laser Engraver

The ComMarker B4 Fiber Laser Engraver is known for its versatility and ability to work with a number of materials. The engraver uses a 30W MOPA fiber laser, and laser wavelength of 1064 nm, with a marking area of 150×150 mm. It also comes with a few essential tools for maintenance and adjustments, including the guide for focus adjustments.

Significance of the Focus in Laser Engraving

In engraving technology, focus plays a crucial role. It essentially determines the precision and clarity of the engravings. Good focus means the laser beam is well directed and concentrated, ensuring a neat and clear engraving process.

Possible Effects of Inadequate Focus Adjustment

Inadequate focus adjustment could lead to a number of issues. Most notably, it can result in blurry or subpar engravings because the beam is improperly concentrated. Furthermore, when the engraver is out of focus, it may operate inefficiently, leading to increased wear and tear and reducing the lifespan of the equipment.

Safety Precautions for Adjusting the Focus

Maintaining the focus on your ComMarker B4 Fiber Laser Engraver is a technical exercise that requires careful handling and adherence to safety measures.

Necessity of Using Protective Gears

Before you start adjustments, proper protective gear should be worn. This includes safety glasses to protect your eyes, and gloves to protect your hands.

Proper Machine Handling, Inspecting for Damages

It’s also crucial to inspect the machine for damages before attempting to adjust its focus. Look for loose parts, damaged cables, or any other signs of wear or tear.

Importance of understanding Laser Classifications

Before starting your engraving works, you need to understand the laser class of your engraver. Class 4 laser products like ComMarker B4 Fiber Laser Engraver pose a high risk of injury, so understanding how they work is critical for your safety.

Emergency Measures if Accidents Occur

In case of emergencies, such as an unexpected laser beam shoot, switch off the device immediately and clear everyone from the vicinity. If a fire on the material starts, use a carbon dioxide fire extinguisher, as water may damage the machine.

Required Tools for Focus Adjustment

Adjusting the focus of your ComMarker B4 Laser Engraver requires you to have certain tools on hand.

Details about the Needed Ruler and Metal Cards

The ruler is used to measure the distance between the engraver and the subject surface. The metal card, on the other hand, is used to test the laser as you make adjustments.

Provided Tools with the Original Package

The ComMarker B4 Engraver package comes with most of the tools you need for focus adjustment. These tools include a ruler and a set of focus sticks.

Substitutes if Original Tools are Unavailable

In the event that the original tools are unavailable or lost, you can use substitutes. A standard ruler can replace the original one, and a thin metal plate can serve as a substitute for the metal card, providing you handle it carefully and safely.

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Understanding the ComMarker B4 Manual

The ComMarker B4 Manual provides detailed procedures for focus adjustment.

Locating the Page for Focus Length Adjustment

The manual provides insightful procedures for focus length adjustments. Usually, these instructions are located under the maintenance section of the manual.

Reading and Interpreting the Manual Diagrams and Instructions

The instructions include diagrams and text instructions that provide detailed steps on how to successfully adjust the focus. Make sure to read and understand these instructions before you start the adjustment process.

Troubleshooting Guide in the Manual

The manual also comes with a troubleshooting section. This part is very useful when dealing with common problems that occur during focus adjustment.

Easycad 2 Software in Focus Adjustment

The Easycad 2 software suite is an essential component of ComMarker B4 Fiber Laser Engraver’s operational architecture. This software helps manage the laser engraving process.

Opening and Navigating the Easycad 2 Software

To start, open up the Easycad 2 software. This software allows you to navigate the engraver’s various settings and controls.

Entering the Text for Laser Engraving

Key in the text you want to engrave in Easycad’s text box. You’ll have the freedom to adjust fonts and alter text size to best fit your design.

Finding the Relevant Controls for Focus Adjustments

Important controls for adjusting focus are found on the ‘Laser’ tab. These controls are necessary for fine-tuning the focus mechanism and achieving the optimal engraving output.

Initial Steps to Adjust the Focus

Before adjusting the focus, there are a few initial steps to follow.

Using a Ruler to Measure Initial Focus Length

The first step is to measure the initial focus length from the focal point to the surface of the engraving material. Use the ruler to measure this distance accurately.

Adjusting and Measuring the Focus Length

Adjust the focus length by adjusting the height of the engraver head. The distance between the lens and the engraving surface should be measured again afterwards.

Noticing the Laser Intensity Changes

As you adjust the focus, pay attention to how the laser intensity changes. An increase in laser intensity means that you are getting closer to the correct focus.

Fine-tuning the Focus Adjustment

After the initial focus adjustment, it will require fine-tuning to reach the perfect focus.

Setting the Operations to Continuous

In Easycad 2 software, set the operation mode to ‘Continuous.’ This will allow you to make constant adjustments until the focus is just right.

Adjusting the Height Up and Down

You will then have the luxury of adjusting the height either up and down. This gives you the space to find the optimal focus length.

Identifying the Strongest Laser Intensity

Once you start seeing a significant increase in laser intensity, stop adjusting. This indicates that the engraver is at its optimal focus length.

Measuring the Optimal Height

After finding the right focus, it’s important to measure the optimal focal height between the lens and the engraving surface.

Stopping the Marking at Strongest Laser Intensity

Once you perceive the strongest laser intensity, stop the marking operation immediately.

Using a Ruler to Measure the Optimal Height

Use the ruler to measure the distance between the engraving surface and the lens. This is the new focus length of your engraver.

Recording the Optimal Height Number

Keep a record of the optimal height number for future reference. It will serve as a guide when setting up the engraver for similar projects.

Adjusting the Focus for Different Materials

Due to variations in material density, you may have to adjust the focus when changing materials.

Importance of Adjusting Focus Length for Different Materials

Different materials have diverse burning points, and as such, will require different focus lengths to engrave effectively.

Steps to Adjust Focus for Different Materials

When changing materials, start by recalibrating the focus length using the same processes above. You’ll need to keep adjusting until you achieve the right intensity for the new material.

Troubleshooting Tips when Engraving Different Materials

Common troubleshooting tips include reducing power or increasing the speed if the material is burning too much. Conversely, if the engraving is not clear, the speed needs to be reduced or the power increased.


Understanding how to adjust the focus of your ComMarker B4 Fiber Laser Engraver is crucial for optimal performance. Regular maintenance and adjusting focus allows the engraver to deliver the best possible results. In addition, always remember to adhere to safety measures while handling the engraver, because as a class 4 laser product, it poses a risk of injury when mishandled.

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