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LaserPecker User Story:Meet Loverlasering

Embarking on a journey with LaserPecker, today’s focus is on one of its users, Paula Stoke, the owner of a small laser engraving company, L lasering, located in South Wales, UK. It is an inspiring tale about how Paula turned to LaserPecker during the lockdown in January 2021, becoming a backer through the Kickstarter program. The aim was personal; to save money by creating personalized gifts. Yet it was not so long before her efforts escalated to a burgeoning business, fuelled by demand from family and friends.

Paula’s initial investment in LaserPecker was supported by the convenience of its portability. The evolution of her experience with LaserPecker is quite remarkable. Utilizing LaserPecker 2 for two years, she recently migrated to LaserPecker 4, which allows her to work with a broader range of materials. From creating beautiful unique wooden photo cards to the daily fulfillment of growing customer orders, Paula Stoke’s story with LaserPecker is an authentic testament to the transformative power of creativity combined with efficient technology.

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Presenting Paula Stoke of LoverLasering

Introduction to Paula Stoke

Paula Stoke is the person behind the small laser engraving company based in South Wales in the United Kingdom known as LoverLasering. She believes in turning a hobby into a business opportunity, and her story with LaserPecker is a testament to this belief.

The beginning of LoveLasering

Paula’s journey with LoverLasering began when she became a backer for LaserPecker during the Kickstarter program in the early 2021. Initially, she got involved with LaserPecker to save money on personalizing gifts for her loved ones. Little did she know that this decision would pave the way for a thriving business.

Paula’s primary occupation and side business

Even though Paula’s primary occupation is working as an aircraft engineer, her creative side draws her to design. Through LoverLasering, she has found an avenue to express her creativity and skills, and over time, she has managed to build a substantial business that fulfills orders every single day.

Discovering LaserPecker

Initial awareness about LaserPecker

Paula stumbled upon LaserPecker during its Kickstarter campaign in January 2021. Intrigued by its capabilities and potential, she decided to back the Kickstarter program and eagerly awaited receiving her unit.

Becoming a backer at the Kickstarter program

The Kickstarter program offered Paula the unique opportunity to join the LaserPecker team. This not only enabled her to access a unique product but also provided the beginning of a fruitful relationship with the LaserPecker community.

Receipt of the first unit

In August, Paula received her first LaserPecker engraving unit. With the unit in her hands, she was ready to delve into the world of laser engraving and bring her designs to life.

Learning and Experimenting with LaserPecker

Learning to use the software

Getting the LaserPecker unit was just the beginning of the journey. Paula needed to understand the software and the capabilities at her disposal. By investing time in learning and experimenting with the software, Paula began to see the potential in creating personalized designs.

Creation of designs

With a working knowledge of the LaserPecker software, Paula began creating her unique designs. Her creativity started to shine through each design, capturing the attention and admiration of friends and family.

Shift from personal to commercial use

It didn’t take long for Paula’s personalized designs to catch the eye of friends and family members who began placing orders for their gifts. This led to a natural shift from using LaserPecker for personal use to commercial use, as she was able to cater to the increasing demand.

LaserPecker User Story:Meet Loverlasering

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Transition from Personal to Commercial Use

Decision to turn hobby into a business

Looking at the growth in demand for her engraved designs, Paula decided to seize the opportunity to turn this hobby into a business. Thus, LoverLasering was born as a small business with an Etsy shop.

Increasing demand from family and friends

The quality and uniqueness of Paula’s work spread by word of mouth amongst friends and family, driving demand for her creations and encouraging her to produce more designs.

The creation of a new SD shop

To address the increasing demand and streamline the business, Paula established an SD shop. Here, she shares her creations and fulfills customer orders, continuing to expand her business.

Use of Different LaserPecker Models

Starting with LaserPecker 2

Paula’s journey into laser engraving began with the LaserPecker 2, which she used for two years. LaserPecker 2 allowed her to engrave a number of materials and create a variety of designs.

Upgrading to LaserPecker 4

With the introduction of the LaserPecker 4, Paula was able to take her designs to the next level. This model allowed her to access and engrave materials like metals and acrylics, a feat not easily achieved with the LaserPecker 2.

Introduction of L1 Max and its potential capabilities

The recent addition to her LaserPecker family is the L1 Max. Though it’s new and yet to be put into practice, Paula is eager to explore its capabilities. With every new model, comes the potential for more unique designs, and she’s keen to uncover what this latest unit has to offer.

Designs and Creations with LaserPecker

Creation of personalized gifts

One of the unique aspects of Paula’s business is her ability to create personalized gifts. Ranging from wooden photo cards to coasters, she delivers a personal touch that sets her designs apart.

Innovative designs like the wooden photo cards

Paula’s innovative idea of creating wooden photo cards was the driving force behind her initial purchase of the LaserPecker. This unique design concept resonated with her clients and became an integral part of her product range.

New home gifts, new baby gifts, and wooden cake toppers

Her product line went beyond personalized gifts to include new home gifts, new baby gifts, and wooden cake toppers. These unique, customizable items created with her LaserPecker machines quickly became customer favorites.

LaserPecker’s Role in Paula’s Business Growth

Rapid business growth

LaserPecker has been instrumental in Paula’s rapid business growth. The ability to create bespoke, engraved designs has given her a competitive edge in the market, leading to a constant stream of orders and a growing business.

Meet customer orders daily

Thanks to LaserPecker’s versatile and efficient operation, Paula can fulfill customer orders every day, ensuring her profitable entrepreneurship journey and customer satisfaction.

Potential of LaserPecker supporting Paula’s main income in the future

Paula envisions a future where the income generated from LoverLasering could potentially become her main source of income. This hope lies heavily in her ability to continue creating innovative designs using the LaserPecker machines.

Importance of Portability in LaserPecker

Benefits of having a portable machine

One of the main reasons Paula decided to back LaserPecker is due to its portability. Being an avid traveler and a motorhome enthusiast, having a machine she can carry with her has enabled her to continue working on her business while on the road.

Balancing work and leisure with LaserPecker

This portability ensures that Paula can maintain a healthy work-life balance. Even while she is traveling or on leisure, LaserPecker allows her to continue creating designs and fulfilling orders.

Complementing a travel-oriented lifestyle with LaserPecker

For Paula, LaserPecker is more than just a tool. Given her travel-oriented lifestyle, the lightweight and small dimensions of LaserPecker perfectly complement the way she lives. It’s her partner helping her balance her business demands wherever she goes.

Looking Ahead with LaserPecker

Excitement about the expanding LaserPecker family

As the LaserPecker family continues to grow and innovate, Paula is keenly observing and staying in touch with each new development. She looks forward to the future products and how they can impact her growing business.

Expectations for future products

Paula eagerly expects the next additions to the LaserPecker range of products. With the benefits that LaserPecker has brought to her life and business so far, she is optimistic about the potential for even greater possibilities.

Long-term relationship with LaserPecker

Paula’s journey with LaserPecker is far from over. As she continues to grow her business and express her creativity, she anticipates a long-term relationship with LaserPecker, helping her navigate the exciting world of laser engraving.


Summary of Paula’s journey with LaserPecker

Paula’s journey with LaserPecker is one of growth, creativity, and unexpected possibilities. It started as a tool to save costs on personalized gifts and has grown into a fulcrum of her thriving business.

Her satisfaction and forward-looking sentiments about the product

Paula speaks highly of her experience with LaserPecker. Her satisfaction with the product, combined with her eagerness to partake in the future growth of the LaserPecker family, are strong indications of a mutually beneficial relationship.

The significance of this user story in understanding the user experience with LaserPecker

Paula’s story is a significant testament to the potential and versatility of LaserPecker. It’s a concrete example of how LaserPecker has been able to support a user in turning a hobby into a successful business and is a source of inspiration for potential LaserPecker users.

See the LaserPecker User Story:Meet Loverlasering in detail.