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Ortur’s new creation: The realization of carving a painting on a leaf — 20W/leaf engraving

In the world of innovative design and artistry, a novel spectacle is making waves. Ortur is leading the way with their newest creation – “The Realization of Carving a Painting on a Leaf – 20W/Leaf Engraving”. This groundbreaking application of precise laser light to the canvas of tree leaves has resulted in breathtaking paintings gradually forming in an artistic union of technology and nature.

Providing a stunning visual in their informative video, Ortur unveils this fresh endeavour which beautifully combines design and scientific precision. The leaf, once a simple byproduct of nature, now becomes a platform for exhibiting evocative artistry via the focused application of 20W laser light. The result is an enchanting artistic experience that will leave you eager to uncover more about this technological marvel.

Orturs new creation: The realization of carving a painting on a leaf -- 20W/leaf engraving

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Discover more about the Orturs new creation: The realization of carving a painting on a leaf -- 20W/leaf engraving.

Introduction to Ortur’s New Creation

Ortur, a renowned name in the laser engraving industry, has recently introduced a revolutionary product – the Leaf Engraver. This ingenious device impresses all with its ability to produce delicate and intricate carvings on a leaf using just 20W of power.

Understanding the 20W/leaf engraving

This feature allows the leaf engraver to create beautiful, subtle carvings on the delicate nature of a leaf without causing any burns or damages. The low power ensures safety while operating and also contributes to the energy efficiency of the device.

Features of Ortur’s new laser engraving

The leaf engraver offers a multitude of features that support precision detailing, speed, and accuracy in the engraving process. Its high-quality laser power, combined with its versatility and compatibility with various software, makes it a preferred choice among professional artists and engravers.

Understanding the concept behind laser engraving on leaves

Most would think that leaves, being delicate and fragile, are not a viable material for engraving. However, Ortur’s leaf engraver operates on a low power of 20W, which is light enough to not damage the integrity of the leaf while being powerful enough to carve intricate designs. It is a level of innovation that represents creativity and environmental sustainability.

Technical Specifications of the Ortur Leaf Engraver

Laser Power of 20W

The Leaf Engraver operates at a low power of 20W. This efficient use of energy allows the device to engrave without damaging the underlying material, providing a perfect balance between power and precision.

Engraving Speed and Precision

Despite operating at a low output, the Leaf Engraver does not compromise on speed or precision. Its meticulously crafted system allows for rapid and accurate engraving, ensuring an exquisite end result every time.

Software Compatibility and Use

The engraver is compatible with various major engraving and design software. This makes it a versatile tool allowing users to not just import but also create their own unique designs.

Process of Carving a Painting on a Leaf

Choosing your leaf

One crucial step before using the leaf engraver is the choice of leaf. The leaf’s size, texture, and thickness can impact the engraving’s final outcome. The ideal leaf should be moderately thick, well-textured, and broad enough to accommodate the desired design.

Programming the engraving

The next step is devising and programming the design. This involves using compatible engraving software to create the desired design and setting it up in the leaf engraver.

In-action process

The programmed design is then imprinted onto the carefully chosen leaf using the 20W laser. The engraving process requires careful supervision for safety and the best result.

Find your new Orturs new creation: The realization of carving a painting on a leaf -- 20W/leaf engraving on this page.

Safety Measures

Essential safety features

The Leaf Engraver houses several essential safety features like overheat protection and low-power operation, which ensure a safe and risk-free engraving process.

Safety while operating the engraver

While operating, it’s essential to keep hands and other body parts away from the engraving area. It is also advised to use protective eyewear to avoid accidental exposure to laser light.

Guidelines to maintain safety

Operating guidelines outlined by Ortur must be followed diligently to maintain safety during the engraving process. This includes avoiding flammable materials during operation and regularly inspecting the device for any malfunctions.

Steps for Operating the Ortur Leaf Engraver

Setup Process

Setting up the leaf engraver requires careful assembly of the device followed by the proper calibration of the laser. It is advisable to refer to Ortur’s guidebook for the specific setting for engraving on leaves.

Procedure for engraving

The leaf chosen should be fixed onto the engraving platform and the design should be loaded into the engraving software. Once the software settings have been adjusted to suit the material, the engraving can begin.

Cleaning and Maintenance

routine cleaning and maintenance of the engraver are crucial for prolonging the life of the device and ensuring optimum performance. This includes regular cleaning of the engraving platform and normal servicing.

Benefits of Using Ortur’s Leaf Engraver

Innovation and creativity

Ortur’s Leaf Engraver allows you to tap into your creative side and create unique art on a material as unique as a leaf.


Engraving on leaves is an eco-friendly alternative to traditional materials like plastic and metal. This innovation promotes sustainability and environmental consciousness.

Commercial benefits

Despite its niche use, the Ortur Leaf Engraver could open doors to new business ventures in the field of unique and personalized artwork.

Comparison With Traditional Engraver

Differences in mechanism

Unlike traditional engravers that use higher power and work on robust materials, the leaf engraver uses a lower power suitable for leaves’ delicate nature.

Advantages and Disadvantages

The main advantage of Ortur’s leaf engraver is its power to create unique and personalised art. However, the constraint of working on a delicate material like a leaf and the extensive preparation that goes with it could be counted as disadvantages.

Practical outcomes

The remarkable precision and delicate nature of the engravings are priceless outcomes that outweigh the potential limitations of this device.

Buying Guide of Ortur Leaf Engraver

Points to consider

Potential buyers should assess their need for the engraver, consider the technical aspects like power and speed, and also the safety measures.

Where to buy

One can buy Ortur’s Leaf Engraver from reputed online commercial sites or directly from Ortur’s official website.

Pricing and value for money

Considering the innovation, technical specifications, and the quality of engravings, the price of the Leaf Engraver offers good value for money.

Reviews and User Feedback

User reception of Ortur’s creation

Ortur’s Leaf Engraver has garnered positive responses for its innovative concept, user-friendliness, and the unique artwork that can be created.

Performance review

The performance of the engraver, considering its speed, precision, and software compatibility, is commendable as per customer feedback.

Suggestions and improvements from users

Based on user feedback, Ortur might look at improving the engraver in the future to allow the use of other low-power absorbing materials, thereby expanding the range of possibilities.


Summarizing Ortur’s leaf carving innovation

Ortur’s innovative Leaf Engraver is a significant milestone in the field of art and technology. Its perfect blend of creative thinking and technical prowess is a testament to Ortur’s excellence.

Importance and impact of such innovations

Such innovative products not only open new avenues for creativity but also underline the need for environment-friendly alternatives in our technology-dependent world.

Prospects of future developments

The Ortur Leaf Engraver is an excellent example of forward-thinking. It hints at the direction for future developments in the engraving field, blending creativity and environmental sustainability into an alluring and desirable product.

Find your new Orturs new creation: The realization of carving a painting on a leaf -- 20W/leaf engraving on this page.