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Sharing Tutorial |Monport CO2 Laser |MAKING $112 Per Hour

As you navigate the intriguing domain of laser technology, this tutorial offers an expert run-through of the application and advantages of the Monport CO2 Laser machine. You walk in the shoes of Kyle from Spicer Designs, shedding light on how he utilizes this innovative device to meticulously design and produce small rectangular leather keychains while maintaining a cost-effective operation. Guiding you through an extensive journey from the initial leather selection stage to the final product creation, the video offers a comprehensive grasp on the utilization of the Monport 60w CO2 Laser machine.

This tutorial doesn’t end at machine application; it encompasses useful tips surrounding market strategy, including the impact of gratuitous giveaways as marketing tools. Learn how to apply this approach by diving into Kyle’s narrative, where he discusses producing and distributing fifty-size samples and calculating the resulting profits. Additionally, the tutorial makes noteworthy references to an ongoing Halloween sale by Monport, featuring potential savings of up to $1600 and a useful discount code, SPICERDESIGNS. Viewers are not only shown how to make a profit with the CO2 laser but also how to save on its cost, thus underscoring the tutorial’s value for potential CNC market entrants.

Sharing Tutorial |Monport CO2 Laser |MAKING $112 Per Hour

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Table of Contents

Understanding the Monport CO2 Laser

Understanding CO2 laser technology

Carbon dioxide (CO2) laser technology makes use of a gas laser with carbon dioxide as its medium to generate an infrared radiation that has applications including cutting, welding, engraving, and marking applications. Its high power and efficiency make it a suitable choice for industrial applications.

Exploring Monport brand and its products

Monport has made a name for itself in the laser market by offering quality and innovative products, including CO2 Lasers. Their machine, the Monport CO2 Laser, displays not only the best in CO2 laser technology but also its fantastic performance in handling large scale, volume production, custom designs, and more.

Advantages of Monport CO2 Laser for CNC market

The Monport CO2 Laser presents an ideal option for startups in the CNC market. Its extensive capabilities, including a larger cutting platform, software, precision, and affordability, make it feasible for mass production. More than that, its functionalities can be easily learned and executed, making it a user-friendly option.

A closer look at the model: Monport 60w CO2 Laser

The Monport 60W CO2 Laser is a professional-grade laser machine, designed for sheer accuracy and efficiency. This machine is notably more powerful and faster, equipped with a gas refill system for safe and easy replenishment of the CO2 gas. It also supports a wide range of materials including leather, acrylic, fabric, cardboard, and more.

Monport CO2 Laser in Use: A Video Tutorial Breakdown

Kyle from Spicer Designs as the demonstrator

In the recent video tutorial, Kyle from Spicer Designs takes the viewers through a demonstration of using the Monport CO2 Laser. With his expertise and practical insights, Kyle provides a step by step walk-through on the usage of this laser machine.

Making 50 leather keychain samples: process and results

The video underscores Kyle’s process of creating 50 leather keychain samples using the Monport CO2 laser. He measures the leather, prepares the design, and uses the laser for engravings and cuts. The result is 50 immaculately created leather keychains, all done in just an hour and eight minutes.

The role of LightBurn software in the process

LightBurn software holds a significant role in the entire process. This software is used for controlling the laser, where Kyle prepares and nests the design for engraving and cutting. It excellently aids in managing the setup, speed, and power settings of the laser cutter.

Link to the Monport 60w CO2 Laser overview video for in-depth understanding

For those interested in a more comprehensive understanding of the Monport 60W CO2 Laser, an overview video is available. This offers a detailed information about the machine, its functionalities, and usage.

Dissecting the Monetary Aspects

Costing of making keychains with Monport CO2 Laser

According to Kyle’s breakdown in the video, the cost of making 50 leather keychains using Monport CO2 Laser was approximately $18. This included the cost of the material, manufacturing process, and the packaging.

Revenue generation through wholesale and retail

Kyle further explains the revenue aspect, stating that each keychain could be sold for about $2.50 on wholesale, or $4.99 on retail. Therefore, making approximately 50 keychains would generate an impressive profit.

Understanding the profit scope with Monport CO2 Laser

The profitability with the Monport CO2 Laser lies in its capacity for volume production. As Kyle demonstrates, the time and effort invested in creating 50 keychains were less compared to the potential profit.This shows how cost-effective and financially beneficial using Monport CO2 Laser in businesses can be.

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Marketing Strategy: Leveraging Free Giveaways

Explaining the marketing strategy adopted by Kyle

The strategic approach embraced by Kyle involves giving away the leather keychains for free as a marketing ploy. His idea is that this act can help promote his products and gain more potential customers, thus leading to better business opportunities.

Aspects to consider while giving away products for free

While this strategy might require initial expenditure, it can potentially reap higher profits and more clientele in the long run by getting the brand’s foot in the door. However, it’s important to calculate the costs and benefits before diving into such a strategy.

Impact of free giveaways on brand promotion and consumer relationship

The free giveaways strategy can considerably bolster brand promotion. This technique not only spreads the brand name but also exposes potential clients to the product’s quality, thereby building trust and strong consumer relationships.

Post-Production: Keychain Assembly and Final Touches

Description of the keychain assembly process

After cutting and engraving, the keychains were cleaned with soapy water, dried, and then sealed with Resolene. The keychains were finally assembled the next morning, showcasing a clean and professional finish.

Use of Resolene for leather keychain finish

The use of Resolene in the process ensured a shiny, flexible, and water resistant finish to the leather keychains. This product offers an acrylic finish on the leather, elevating the quality and appearance of the keychains.

The role of Keystone girl in keychain assembly

The assembly process was made smoother with the support of the Keystone girl, suggesting the collaborative potential of this machine, and how the operations can be streamlined with team effort.

Monport CO2 Laser’s Halloween Sale

Details of the Halloween Sale by Monport

Monport celebrated a Halloween sale, enabling clients to purchase their products at a lesser cost. The aim of this sale was to attract more clients and to reward the existing ones for their loyalty.

Savings up to $1600: a closer look at the deal

Customers were promised potential savings of up to $1600, a considerable discount that could levitate the enthusiasm and sale numbers, making it a truly noteworthy bargain.

Use of discount code SPICERDESIGNS

To avail the discount, customers needed to use the discount code SPICERDESIGNS. The application of this code at the time of purchase ensured a slashed rate benefiting the customers in their purchases.

Potential Business Opportunities with Monport CO2 Laser

Exploring the business implications of Monport CO2 Laser

The Monport CO2 Laser provides an efficient way to handle volume production and enjoy good profit margins. The machine’s capabilities in mass production open doors to potential business propositions and opportunities by making manufacturing more cost-effective and faster.

Benefits for newcomers in the CNC market

For newcomers in the CNC market, the Monport CO2 Laser provides an effective entry point with its user-friendly operation and cost-effective techniques of production, thus taking their business to new heights.

Volume production and profitability with Monport CO2 Laser

Businesses that require extensive production volumes would find the Monport CO2 Laser to be an invaluable tool towards achieving their goals more efficiently and profitably. The machine enables large-scale production without compromising on quality, ultimately driving profitability.

Collaboration Opportunities with Monport

Monport’s openness to collaborations

Monport displays a spirit of collaboration, and they are open to teaming up with partners for mutual benefits. This approach fosters a sense of community and shared growth, paving the way for better products and quality service.

Potential areas for collaboration

There are several potential areas for collaboration, ranging from product development, software enhancements, or customized solutions based on client requirements. Collaborations open the doors for innovation and expansion, leading to beneficial symbiotic relationships.

Contact channels for queries regarding collaborations

For those interested in collaborating with Monport, there are a couple of contact channels available for convenient communication. They can send an email to or call at 213-554-8829.

Monport Customer Support Options

Emailing for customer queries

Monport shows its commitment to customer satisfaction by providing effective customer support options. Customers can email their queries or issues to for solutions and guidance.

Phone call support at 213-554-8829

In addition to email support, customers can also reach out to Monport via phone call at 213-554-8829. This support channel allows for direct communication for urgent requirements or comprehensive support.

Turnaround times and quality of Monport customer service

Monport’s commitment to high-quality customer service and quick turnaround times contributes to its growing reputation in the market. This customer-centric approach makes it an appealing choice for individuals and businesses alike.

Concluding thoughts

Recapitulating the entire process of using the Monport CO2 Laser

In conclusion, using the Monport CO2 Laser for production is an efficient and cost-effective method. From setting up the design, making adjustments, engraving, cutting to assembly, the entire process is methodical and seamless, leading to premium quality final products.

Key takeaways from Kyle’s demonstration and review

Kyle’s demonstration of the Monport CO2 Laser revealed the machine’s remarkable value in volume production, profitability, and its potential for creating high-quality products. His elaborate review provides deep insights into its operation, features, and benefits.

Final words about the profit-making capacity of the machine

The Monport CO2 Laser’s potential to drive profitability in businesses is unarguable. By facilitating mass production and maintaining high quality, it allows businesses to achieve impressive margins.

Encouragement for viewers to take advantage of the Halloween sale

For those considering to make a purchase, the Halloween sale provides a rewarding opportunity to buy a Monport CO2 Laser at a discounted rate. Using the discount code “SPICERDESIGNS”, potential customers can enjoy significant savings, making it a deal not to be missed.

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