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Tutorial of installing the LU3-20A Laser Module on Ortur’s 2 Pro S2

As you venture into the world of laser technology, the Ortur’s 2 Pro S2 serves as an ideal platform to start your journey. This highly efficient piece, now available at an incredibly competitive price, enables you to practice and harness your laser skills with the inclusion of the LU3-20A Laser Module. Should you encounter any queries, a highly dedicated support team stands ready to assist you at

This tutorial shall guide you through the seamless process of installing the LU3-20A Laser Module on your Ortur 2 Pro S2, an essential aspect for optimizing your laser experience. Enhance your technical prowess by understanding the module assembly, ensuring a smooth and error-free installation. As you embrace this tutorial, you’re on track to unleashing the full potential that laser technology has to offer.

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Understanding Ortur’s 2 Pro S2 Specifications

When it comes to laser engraving, you would be hard-pressed to find a better option than Ortur’s 2 Pro S2. This cutting-edge tool has been carefully designed to meet the demands of both beginners and professionals alike.

Details about Ortur’s 2 Pro S2

Ortur’s 2 Pro S2 is an upgraded version of its previous models, featuring enhanced speed, performance, and precision. Known for its efficiency in engraving a wide array of materials, it stands as a solid option for those wanting to turn their ideas into tangible creations. The machine uses advanced software that allows you to engrave intricate designs with relative ease.

Benefits of using Ortur’s 2 Pro S2 Laser Engraver

The benefits of using Ortur’s 2 Pro S2 are numerous. With its upgraded specifications, users can expect faster completion times without compromising on accuracy. The machine’s user-friendliness makes it superbly suitable for beginners, yet its capabilities are expansive enough to meet the needs of seasoned engravers.

The LU3-20A Laser Module Details

If you want to broaden the capabilities of your Ortur’s 2 Pro S2, consider the LU3-20A Laser Module – a powerful tool for businesses looking to level up their engraving game.

Features of the LU3-20A Laser Module

The LU3-20A Laser Module is not just dependable but is also packed with a host of features. It has an excellent heat dissipation design, which significantly improves the laser’s life span and stability, and it provides a more uniform light spot for higher precision and detail.

Specifications of the LU3-20A

The LU3-20A Laser Module not only has a powerful output that makes cutting and engraving a breeze but also has an adjustable focal length. The module lens can provide an output power of approximately 3.5W, and because of its compact size, installing the LU3-20A Laser Module on Ortur’s 2 Pro S2 is a straightforward process.

Preparation Before Installation

Before embarking on the installation process, it’s crucial to adequately prepare. Failure to do so could lead to potential damage to your new laser module.

Safety considerations

Your safety is paramount. Always ensure that you’re wearing the appropriate safety gear, including gloves and eye protection when dealing with lasers. It’s also advisable to work in a well-ventilated area to disperse the fumes that may be produced during engraving.

Required tools for installation

Thankfully, installing the LU3-20A Laser Module doesn’t need a wide array of tools. Some of the required ones include a screwdriver and a pair of pliers.

Cleaning and inspection of the laser module

Before installation, thoroughly clean your Ortur’s 2 Pro S2 machine and inspect the LU3-20A Laser Module for any potential defects.

Tutorial of installing the LU3-20A Laser Module on Orturs 2 Pro S2

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Check out the Tutorial of installing the LU3-20A Laser Module on Orturs 2 Pro S2 here.

Unpacking the LU3-20A Laser Module

Unboxing the LU3-20A

Carefully unbox the LU3-20A Laser Module. Ensure you keep the packaging in case of any issues that may warrant a return.

Components provided with the LU3-20A Laser Module

The LU3-20A Laser Module comes packed with necessary components for installation. It contains a laser module, installation screws, and a user manual. Ensure that all these components are present for a smooth installation process.

Removing the Existing Laser Module

Steps involved in removing the previous laser module

Before you can install the LU3-20A Laser Module, remove the existing module from your Ortur’s 2 Pro S2. The process involves unscrewing the existing module, carefully detaching the wire connections, and cleaning the area before installing the new laser module.

Precautions while removing the laser module

Avoid forceful and swift actions while removing the old laser module to prevent possible damage to the Ortur’s 2 Pro S2 machine.

Physically Installing the LU3-20A Laser Module

Positioning the laser module

For the best results, the laser module should be installed squarely on the Ortur’s 2 Pro S2 mounting bracket, ensuring a snug fit.

Securing the LU3-20A Laser Module into place

Secure the LU3-20A Laser Module using the provided screws, ensuring tightness but without applying excessive force.

Connecting the LU3-20A Laser Module to Ortur’s 2 Pro S2

Setting up the wiring

Once installed, wire the laser module to the machine. Ensure that all the wires are correctly placed and neatly tucked to prevent accidental pulling during operation.

Connecting the wires properly

Proper wiring secures uninterrupted energy supply to the module. Ensure all connections are correct, and there are no loose ends.

Setting Up Ortur’s 2 Pro S2 After Installation

Adjusting the laser module focus

After installation, the laser’s focus will need to be adjusted. Laser focusing is essential for achieving optimal engraving and cutting results.

Initial test run post installation of the LU3-20A Laser Module

Once everything has been checked, it’s time for a test run. Always start with a lower power setting and an inconspicuous material to gauge the engraving quality and subsequently adjust if necessary.

Troubleshooting Common Installation Issues

Identifying common issues

Common issues include inaccurate engraving, the module failing to light, or the laser burning too intensely. Most problems can be traced back to installation errors or settings.

Steps on how to resolve these issues

For most issues, consulting your user manual and going through initial setup and installation steps can help rectify the problem.


Recap of the installation process

As outlined in this guide, installing the LU3-20A Laser Module on Ortur’s 2 Pro S2 is a straightforward process. It encompasses adequate preparation, careful unboxing and inspection, replacement of the existing laser, secure installation, and finally a test run.

Additional resources for help and support

Should you encounter any issues in your installation process, Ortur offers excellent support resources, including technical support, user manuals, and an online community where you can find helpful advice and tips. Email them at for further assistance.

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